Chin-Wag & Wean Sessions


Chin-wag and Wean sessions are all about getting excited for your baby's next steps towards exploring food. They have been created to empower Mums, providing them with knowledge and confidence, to support their child in the next phase of their development.

Attending in a small group of Mums allows you to feel comfortable to ask anything you want, without fear or judgement.

Sessions can be held in a cafe that is local to you or in the comfort of your own home, for a minimum of two Mums or a maximum of four.

Sessions include the following information...

  • How we were weaned V's how we are weaned now and why

  • Safety tips

  • Types of weaning with their pros and cons

  • Meal idea sharing

Ask me anything about weaning that is on your mind!

Sessions are £10 per person for around an hour and a half.

Please note that if you live more than five miles from Syston there is a small charge for travel also which can be split between the attendees.

To arrange a Chin-wag and Wean session with your friends,

WhatsApp me to find out the next available date on: 07769 597 804